Washington Prep Athletics Network prides itself on it’s continuing efforts to partner with local entitiies that share the same mission of providing up to date and accurate sports information while supporting High School Athletics.

The following are organizations we support and work with.

The WIAA is divided into nine active districts, each of which represents an approximate geographical area.   Each district is administered by a district director, and contains one or more member leagues.  In 2012, the District Directors made a commitment to improve the user friendliness of their websites by working with WPA Network to develop a streamlined template across the State.  WPA Network will also be the official creator and provider of all District & Regional Playoff brackets for every sport, statewide.  With this upgrade it will now be possible for people from all over the State to find and access information about other District’s results.



The Purpose of Washington Secondary School Athletic Administrators Association is to:

1. To improve the education aspects of interscholastic athletics and their articulation in the total
educational program.

2. To foster a closer working relationship with the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association and other related professional groups.
3. To improve understanding of athletics and to establish closer working relationships among the secondary schools of the State of Washington through the sharing of mutual problems and practices.
4. To promote high standards of achievements and ethics in interscholastic athletics.


WPA Network is proud to be a GOLD PARTNER of WSSAAA and continues to support the Secondary Athletic Administrators through website training and information seminars at their State Conference in April.


BROADCAST MEDIA:  We partner with local radio stations as well as online broadcast media groups to insure the communities have the most up to date information about who is broadcasting the games.  To become a Broadcast Partner, please CLICK HERE.


To become a partner of the WPA Network, please contact us at [email protected]m