Mark Martin

Owner, Technical Director


Nickname:  No nicknames (that I can share)

Hometown: Lynden

High School: Ferndale, class of 1983

Sports Played in HS: Track, Cross-Country

Alma Mater:  Bellingham Technical College

Sports Played In College: None

Degree:  Engineering Technology

Favorite Pro Sport:  Football

Favorite Pro Team:  Seahawks

Favorite Stadium Food Item:  Garlic Fries at SAFECO

Favorite Place to Visit In WA State:  Tacoma Dome

What do you like best about HS sports:
Watching the growth of student athletes from Freshman to Senior year.

What do you like best about working for WPA Network:
Helping Athletic Directors streamline business processes and improve communications.

If you could attend one sporting event past, present or future, what would it be?
Superbowl 2014, Seahawks 51, Steelers 3

Favorite Coach of all time:  Don James

Favorite Quote:  “Hustle beats talent unless talent hustles” ~unknown

Names of family members:  Wife Heidi, Sons Taylor and Ryan