WPA GameDay

WPA GameDay  allows you to TAKE THE GAME TO GO!

Introducing the launch of WPA GameDay version 1.0.  For the best user experience on iPhones & Androids, we have found the Google Chrome browser to work the best.  See below for the WPA GameDay 1.0 features.  New features will be added soon!

TO BEGIN: Type in any league website URL into your browser on your mobile device. You will now be taken to the new WPA GameDay site. You can still access the full league website by clicking the View Full Website link

LOGIN:  If you have already gone through the “SUBSCRIBE” process on the website, you are already in our system and will be able to login on WPA GameDay using the same email you used to subscribe.  If you have not yet SUBSCRIBED on one of our league websites, please create a login through WPA GameDay.  You will use the same login then to login on the website.


VIEW the official schedules for all varsity sports right in the palm of your hand.


MAP IT!  Click the location of the game to get directions to the facility from the schools and through Google Maps.


MEDIA:  Find out who’s broadcasting the game or if one of our WPA Network photographers will be shooting the game by viewing the media icons below each game.


TAG YOUR FAVORITES:  By logging in, you will be able to jump from league to league, sport to sport, team to team and tag your favorite games.  Your favorites will be stored on one page by date.


LIVE SCORE!  While sitting in the stands, login to live score the game you are at with our interactive scoreboard!  View other games around the league or state that are also being scored live!

TAKE THE GAME TO GO!  The league websites and WPA GameDay are linked together.  If   you are on the website viewing the VARSITY SCOREBOARD, you   can scan the QR code at the bottom to take the game with you on  your mobile device!