David Willoughby

Director Of Photography











Nickname:  David

Hometwon:  Poulsbo, WA

High School:  North Kitsap High School

Sports Played in HS:  Soccer & Pole Vault

Alma Mater:  Western Washington University

Degree:  BA Visual Communications/Photography

Favorite Pro Sport:  Football

Favorite Pro Team:  Seahawks

Favorite stadium food item:  The stuff you sneak in

Favorite place to visit in WA State:  Tacoma Dome for Championship Games

What do you like best about High School Sports:  Competition, Emotion, Action Captured

What do you like best about working with WPA Network:  Being a part of something that is bigger than a job.

If you could attend one sporting event past, present or future, what would it be?  Any professional championship with a camera.

Favorite Coach of all time:  Don James

Favorite Quote:  Laugh with me, because of me, or at me….just laugh!

Names of family members:  Michelle (wife), Jordan(daughter), Roscoe, Pateros, Teddy (dogs)